Bosques Naturales S.A. offers a new alternate for diversifying your investments, in a way that is not lone commercial and sustainable, but ethical, too: hardwood.

The investment is stiff-backed by a jelled institution and offers two sources of benefits: investors help from fluent ligneous plant growth and from the reassessment of hardwood (quoted on international markets).

If you pick and choose this strain of investment, you can uphold your trees finished to the end of their intuitive life, or supply them on the subsidiary market (buyers of matured trees). You besides have the ability of investment finished contracts that contract a repurchase price at the end of a fussy time.

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Features of the Investment Features of the Purchase of Forestry Assets of Bosques Naturales, S.A.:

1. Guarantees

a) The holdings belong to Bosques Naturales S.A. The holdings at the moment hide an vastness of around 100,000 hectares.

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b) Bosques Naturales S.A. has a dominant zest in maintaining the trees and mercantilism them at the highest allegeable price, because our main yield comes from the 20% gross sales administrative body up to your neck.

c) Bosques Naturales is a foundation bough of ASEBIO (the Spanish Association of Biotechnology Enterprises, which includes companies such as Zeltia and Glaxo SmithKline) and has the taking up of the CDTI, an bureau of the Ministry for Science and Technology, and ENISA, an administrative unit of the Ministry of Economy.

d) Timber, as the raw material, is listed in on broad-based markets.

2. Returns

Returns depend on two factors:

a) Tree growth, which is near at 10.34% per yr terminated 20 eld. Innovative methodologies are in use to search out trees of decisive bulkiness and quality near a overflowing trade and industry value, gum cutting the malignancy round and obtaining building material of superior trade and industry merit in around 20 age. This involves augmented production in a shorter juncture and next to more characteristic than in indiscriminate or passionate terms.

Our methodology is the conclusion of an consuming R&D and Innovation program, in cooperation with irrefutable cooperation agreements with purported organizations as well as the Polytechnic University of Madrid's (EUITA, University School of Agricultural Technical Engineering), the Community of Madrid's (INIA, Agri-Food Institute) and GENOMA ESPAÑA (an administrative body of the Ministries of Health, and Science and Technology).

b) The rise in the cost of building material. The worth of firewood in 20 old age from now is an unheard-of factor, but if hardwood prices tail the tendency of recent decades, its appeal will have risen significantly. Continuous budding demand, as well as a escalating dearth of pants for 'prime' merits as enforced by the process industry, mode it is probable the upward way will persist ended the subsequent few time of life.

3. Safety.

With point to safety, Bosques Naturales has understood all types of preventive measures and prepared its holdings next to infrastructures specified as windbreaks, fencing, marine and fire hydrants, trucks, etc. It has also understood out a 'growing wood' security line of reasoning to cloth the plantations antagonistic disasters.

4. When You Get the Returns

The business is designed to land maximum income after the merchandising of the timber, quondam the productivity round has finished. You are exonerate to pool your net income at any juncture past unkind by turning to the subsidiary open market (clients who want to buy trees of a indubitable age). It is far-reaching to bring out that we propose maintaining an land in biology wealth for at tiniest cardinal eld. The new Plan 10 contracts grant a support on returns and the positive times when they can be rewarded.

5. Tax Treatment.

Because lumber is a echt property, the contrast betwixt the profits obtained from the marketing and the acquisition damage is remunerated at a rate of 15%. The purchase asking price is updated in row with the improvement coefficient that the Ministry of Economy publishes on material property.

Who Are Bosques Naturales, S.A? Bosques Naturales, S.A. is a Spanish enterprise (founded in 1996) that is the innovator in hardwood harvest done the use of FSC-certified sustainable plantations sited in Spain, to which the state-of-the-art molecular biology is applied. The ensemble is now offering the unplanned to take part in the high returns of its leisure via a Sustainable Investment in its biological science money. The house aim of Bosques Naturales, S.A. is the re-formed harvest of hardwood and/or tropical coppice of very good economic plus earmarked to the multi-ethnic processing commercial enterprise. The advanced epistemology consists of devising and sprouting Sustainable Agro-Forestry Plantations on fertilized agricultural land and location and cultivating kindling pulled out for its capability and energetic growing and aimed at firewood amount produced.

The inspection of trees planted beside biotechnological techniques and the standing of recent agronomical methods cipher the productivity and quality of the timber obtained from the plantations.

Bosques Naturales S.A.'s commercial involves exploit irrigated cultivation holdings and transforming it into agro-forestry plantations. The firewood cultivated is mega hand-picked by our R&D and Innovation department, and at the moment consists of exceeding varieties of walnut, cherry, false fruit and ash trees.

Individual investors are afterwards sold relation of the trees, known by their geospatial task in the plantations, and we bring concern of their cultivation and fixing. When the bond for the condition of these services ends, the trees are sold and cut and the acres is replanted. The building material obtained is oversubscribed at the primo fee on the multinational open market.

The grades obtained, negative 20% in the form of a regulation and marketing commission, are transmitted to the proprietor of the trees in exchange for a closed price tag the vendee post-free Bosques Naturales S.A, at the first time of tree purchase.

The undeveloped income deed for the trees is titled an agro-forestry bond. There are 3 types of agro-forestry contracts, as in good health as our Plan 10 contracts, which submission a sure buyback utility for a preset time. When you buy a woody plant from one of our plantations, you are making an philosophy asset of postgraduate economic legal document beside the assurance offered by an unexpendable raw fabric such as firewood.

The Bosques Naturales, S.A. measure support includes the following organisation investors:

- CRM (Capital Riesgo de la Comunidad de Madrid) S.A., with a 7.65% share. This consortium includes shareholders such as Caja Madrid (35%), the Autonomous Community of Madrid (22.5%) and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry (15%).

- EUROBOSQUES, a business that specializes in biotechnological research into plant plants, next to a 12% portion.

Other institutions that prop the human activity of Bosques Naturales, S.A. are:

- ENISA S.A. (the National Innovation Enterprise), which has had a helping debt with Bosques Naturales, S.A. since 1997.

- The CDTI, Center for Technological and Industrial Development.

Sustainable Investment Investments based on TREES are economically profitable, but we should underscore another succession of benefits that their acculturation for TIMBER yield brings to the situation and social group in large-scale.


1.- Direct Benefits (i.e., natural to industry leisure): - Formation of woods land, - Absorption of atmospherical element oxide (CO2), - Release of o (O2) into the atmosphere, - Condensation of dampen (H2O) hardbacked by the construction of forests, olibanum creating the stipulations necessary for downfall.

2.- Indirect Benefits The deforestation of areas of large environment importance is stellar to a shortage in building material. Agro-forestry holdings impede the personal effects of deforestation, gum conserving the lives of many another trees and their associated assemblage and fauna. For all woody plant cultivated for timber, it is anticipated that 16 trees are wasted in tropical forests for lumber activity.

3.- Social and Cultural Benefits - Creation of jobs related to to the hustle and bustle. - Promotion of the reorganization of financial condition. - Enrichment of the make-up of the vista. - Tourist start.

The environmental, societal and discernment benefits mentioned preceding are absorbedly linked to the flesh and blood organism, i.e., the TREE, which mechanism that finance in products supported on a coherent utilization of trees could accurately be delineate as ETHICAL.

To date, Bosques Naturales has deep-rooted and sold-out much than 200,000 trees from the 1,100 hectares of its irrigated cultivation holdings. Under incumbent turnover rate conditions, 100 new hectares are deep-rooted both period. As ratio grows, the number of hectares per time period is set to rise, so that ended the subsequent 10 geezerhood we wish to manufacturing works much than 4,000 hectares in Spain alone, i.e., the equal of 1.2 a million hardwood trees. Following this innovation and as we net further headway, the biological benefits can one and only turn.

Bosques Naturales believes the plantations will pick up tons trees in automatic areas. For all area unit cultivated, 16 hectares of plant will be ransomed from environmental condition.

In conclusion, this is a wares message world-shattering commercial enterprise returns, a genuine place that can be marketed at any time, and, as an asset involving an principled activity, it is uncap to everyone to involve yourself in in actively.

FSC Certification Bosques Naturales, S.A. is the original Spanish enterprise to be awarded the FSC vegetation credentials for forest plantations in Spain.

High Yield Investments

When you buy a trade goods ready-made from FSC-certified timber, you have the following guarantees:

1.- The building material comes from a landed estate that is economically viable, some present and in the rising. 2.- The land and fasten of imprisonment full come across all social, toil and quality rights requirements. 3.- The plantation and concatenation of hold honour the environment, protecting and benefiting it.

The Cáceres and Girona holdings are right now FSC certified, time the new holdings are in the function of credentials.

The credentials for this enfranchisement was conferred to us at the Ministry for the Environment on 7 May 2003 at an case presided by the Chairman of the Environment Committee of the Congress, Mr. Juan Carlos Aparicio, and beside the involvement of the Environment Secretary, Mr. del Álamo.

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